Hello. I’m Kathryn. Over the years, I have designed and created handmade Jewelry in Sterling Silver and hand-picked Semi-precious stones. I have also been an entrepreneur owning a bead shop for 9 years in Colorado and owning a Jewelry gallery in St Petersburg, Florida.

I found metalsmithing in college at The University of Texas.  I was in the Art program and a professor mentioned that he would love to see what I could do in metals. I took the Metals class the next semester. The class ignited my passion for Jewelry and Design.

Although I loved creating and making Jewelry, I have recently I have made a career change to illustration and surface design. To learn illustration and design I have taken many online courses including Make Art that Sells and The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design over the last 3 years so that I could transition into DESIGN. I have created hundreds of designs and patterns to hone my skills. I love my new line of work and hope you do too. I hope it inspires you to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! My work can be found on Phone cases, Fabric, Tote Bags, Stationery, and much more.

MY ILLUSTRATIONS are inspired by my love of florals and detailed work. My work has been described as uplifting, vibrant, and fresh.

MY INSPIRATIONS are the beach, flowers, and nature. My work includes themes of the things that are important to me: family, friendships and spirituality. I hope my pieces remind you to find the beauty in the small things and to take the time to enjoy the simple and important moments in your life.

MY STUDIO  is where you can find me most days. I design, watercolor, and love calligraphy.

MY SHOP is where you can shop for stationery, tote bags, notepads, and other products that I have designed.


To follow my daily inspirations and my design work, follow me on my BLOG.

You can email me here.